Class of 1995-1996

Adult Day Care

Labeling of Issue: 

  • No existing adult day care program
  • a program providing regular daily care for adults who cannot be left alone due to age or infirmity
  • Hancock Memorial Hospital engaged in feasibility study of running such a program
  • Goal was to create, mail and tabulate the results of a survey for use by the Hospital committee

Solution: Needs Assessment Survey

  • 1490 questionnaires distributed, 51 returned
  • 20 active caregivers, 4 probable in near future
  • 8 Male, 19 Female
  • 23 respondants reporting knowing others who need service
  • Days of usage indicated
    • 9 weekday during work hours
    • 7 weekends variable
    • 3 weekends


Group Members:

  • Jason Crouse
  • John Robert Hill
  • Dr. Susan Kindig
  • Rev. Jerald Mielke
  • Robert W. Perry
  • Steve Spangler

Education About Duties of Elected Officials

Labeling of Issue: 

  • Majority of residents of Hancock County lack the knowledge of the duties of their elected officials
  • No information easily available to educate resident

Alternate Solutions

  • Newspaper articles- highlight different areas
  • Print (Advertiser- 18,000 circulation)
  • Make available information replica to teachers
  • Electronic means, i.e. internet, cable, public access
  • Distribution on an “as needed” basis through government offices/chambers, etc.

Group Members:

  • Sarah Burke
  • Debbie Clause
  • Gary Clinkenbeard
  • Paul Fedorchak
  • Mark Marshall
  • Cathy Shuler

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