Class of 1996-1997

Community Forum for Parents of Teenagers

Brainstorming of Problems: 

  • Lack of American Diabetes Association in Hancock County
  • Lack of activities for teenagers
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Teenage abortion rate
  • Teenage use of drugs and alcohol
  • Teenage social issues

Possible Solutions:

  • Teenage hotline or crisis line
  • Youth council
  • Written and telephone surveys of parents and teenagers
  • Community forum for parents and teenagers

Solution: Community forum for parents and teenagers

  • Advertising
  • Community forum panel of experts
  • Discussion of Alcohol
    • 60% of teenagers believe heavy drinking is socially acceptable
    • 100,000 ten and eleven year olds reported getting drunk at least once a week in 1992
    • Americans spent $96B on beer, wine and distilled spirits last year
  • Discussion of Drugs
    • Drug of choice- alcohol
    • Second choice- marijuana
    • Marijuana stays in system for up to one month after use
    • Marijuana is socially accepted by majority of Americans
  • Teen Pregnancy
    • More teens are becoming sexually active at much younger ages with many more sexual partners
    • Every 13 seconds, an American teen acquires an STD
    • Nearly one million teens become pregnant
  • Evaluation
    • Most felt it was very valueable and wanted to have one every year

Group Members:

  • Teresa Bever
  • Fred Keen
  • John Lichtle
  • Judy McEvoy
  • Susan Strong
  • Ty Thomas

Post-Secondary Education in Hancock County

Problem Hypothesis:

  • Hancock County has a growing residential and industrial population
  • Insufficient opportunities exist in the area of post-secondary education in Hancock County
  • While many begin additional education following high school, a significant number do not complete their schooling
  • Workforce is required to further develop or be retrained in their work skills to keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment

Action Plan:  Develop a survey to determine if a need existed

  • Individual and Business surveys sent to approximately 650 people.  Nearly 325 returned.
  • Individual survey results
    • 62.9% would utilize a local facility
    • 32.2% would enroll part-time, 43.7% would use it occasionally
    • 32.7% felt that the focus should be technical training, 12.7% Associates Degree
    • Business survey Results
      • 53.2% would utilize a local facility
      • 62.3% though the focus should be technical training, 10.4% Associates Degree
      • 75.3% of the businesses provide monetary support to upgrade skills

Group Members:

  • Susanna Combs
  • Mark Copeland
  • Brian McKinney
  • Ann Pitman Runnion
  • Susan Schultz
  • Beth Spegal

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