Class of 1999-2000

Gateway to Community Service For Youth

Mission Statement: 

  • “Educating and motivating youth to lifetime community service in Hancock County”


Problem Analysis:

  • Lack of service opportunities
  • Items brought up at Social Issues Day
  • Decline in volunteerism
  • Recruiting practices

Action Plan:

  • Complete appointment of board of directors and hold retreat
    • Elect officers and create curriculum
  • Develop brochure describing the program and inviting applicants
  • Recruit speakers/presenters, locate meeting places.
  • Distribute brochure and advertise program
  • Meet with local service agencies that are interested in participating
  • Finalize planning, begin reviewing applications.
  • Make final selections of participations and notify them

Group Members:

  • Sandy Abel
  • Teri Dunlavy
  • Rob Jackson
  • Hope Moran
  • Dorothy Swanson-Glancy

Public Information Access- Virtual Courthouse

Recognizing the Problem: 

  • Hancock County did not have access to the latest technology for County officials, or resident

Analysis of the Problem:

  • Interviewed County Officials
    • All believed that county needed electronic GIS as well as “Virtual Courthouse”
    • Reduces phone calls
    • Saves money from mailings
    • Forms available online for residents/businesses

Action Plan:

  • Offer offices access to Internet
  • Offices to develop “wish lists”
  • Technology training
  • Communicate needs to task force
  • Obtain funding

Group Members:

  • Tim Higbie
  • Ann Johnson
  • Nancy Simpson


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