Class of 2000-2001

Citizens Against Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

Addresses the need to raise awareness of domestic violence as a problem in Hancock county and the need to promote those resources and agencies that are available to assist victims.

Labeling the Problem:

  • Domestic violence occurs in Hancock County
  • Violence within the home has not been viewed as a problem in our county, so few resources have been allocated for promoting its awareness and prevention
  • Many victims, and others associated with the victims, are not aware of the services available to them in our county


  • Developed¬†“Neighborhood Walk Against Domestic Violence”
    • Mini-grant application filed to the United Way of Central Indiana
    • Free signage opportunities identified
    • Media sources contacted for support
    • Complete budget prepare
  • Packet created with useful information about domestic violence

Team Members:

  • Nancy Cooksey
  • Jennifer Daily
  • Robin Ritchie
  • Jon Ritterbush
  • Mikel Theobald
  • Jason White

County Office Information Listing

Issues Considered: 

  • Senior Transportation
  • Young men’s (ages 10 – 14) sex education program
  • County Office information listing
  • Support for developmentally disabled citizens


Project Choice: County Office Information Listing

  • Questionnaire sent to all county offices to obtain data
  • Information published in “The Image” and distributed to 45,000 county residents

Group Members:

  • Claudia Hays
  • Amy Kleine
  • Penney Larison
  • Grant Nesbit
  • Heather Rogers

Infants First – Patterns For Life

Labeling the Issue:

  • Lack of Childbirth education
    • Social agencies are teaching mothers only how to play with their babies
    • No county-wide method promoting childbirth classes
  • Lack of infant safety seat availability
    • Liability issues with loaners
    • Maintainance issues
    • Inventory issues
    • Infection control issues
  • Lack of infant seat education in Hancock County

Action Plan:

    • Childbirth classes
      • Submit grant application (prenatal education)
      • Create brochure for childbirth classes
      • Distribute brochures to local churches, high school counselors, physicians, and social agencies
      • Track participation
    • Infant safety seats
      • Submit grant application (infant safety seats)
      • Contact local retailer
      • Create infant safety seat vouchers
      • Develop financial application
      • HMHHS social worker to track

Group Members:

  • Ben Crouch
  • Britney George
  • Billie Gunn
  • Stacey Lewman
  • Traci Scott

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