Class of 2002-2003

Breakfast Buddies

Recognizing the Problem: 

  • Drugs and lack of educational focus or opportunities seem to play a role in crime, poverty, and other long-term concerns

Action Plan: Breakfast Buddies Program

  • Goal is to give adults and children time to develop relationships
    • Identify students
    • School cafeteria agrees to prepare food
    • Strive for weekly meetings throughout the school year
    • 20 mentors and students target for initial program
    • 30 week test run for program
    • Review and reassess program results
    • Assess additional marketing and expansion potential – go to implement County Wide program
  • Identify a group to organize administration of the program
    • Spoke with Ministerial Association
    • 37 letters written to Greenfield Churches
    • Would work with pilot run through May 2003
      Community wide committee was headed by group from Trinity Park United Methodist Church 

Group Members:

  • Paul C. Enyart – Friends Church
  • Mary Legan – Hancock Hope House
  • Debbie Shipp – Greenfield Banking Company
  • Leslee Wheatley – Alliance for Community Education
  • Christopher York – Bingham McHale, LLP

Volunteer Hancock County

Labeling of Issue: 

  • No central avenue for connecting volunteers with organizations
  • No central avenue for connecting organizations with volunteers
  • No central avenue for “advertising” volunteer opportunities
  • Overall low volunteerisn in Hancock County


Solution: created

  • Creates a central avenue for organizations to post their volunteer opportunities
  • Creates a central avenue for volunteers to connect with organizations in need
  • Cost effective for both organizations and volunteers
  • Saves time for organizations and volunteers


Group Members:

  • Amber Baker
  • Brandee Bastin
  • David Beal
  • Janice Cassell
  • Jodi Gilman
  • Paula Jarrett
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Carolyn Muegge
  • David Muegge
  • Don Pearson
  • Jim Roberts

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