Class of 2003-2004

Hancock County Flag Design

Problem Statement: 

  • Flag would be a unifying representation of Hancock County and could be displayed by various commercial, governmental, community or private entities.

Solution: Flag designs created, final flag selected

  • Symbolism of Flag Elements
    • Green and yellow colors symbolize the County’s agricultural heritage
    • The upper left “green field” also alludes to the city of Greenfield, the county seat and the County’s largest community.
    • The diagonal white stripe symbolizes the National Road (US 40)
    • The large, centered white disk symbolizes the progress and prosperity of the County
    • The nine gold stars symbolize the nine townships of the County
    • The number 1828 represents the year the County was formed
    • The graphic represents the Hancock County Courthouse
  • Approved as the Hancock County Flag by the Hancock County Commissioners on March 29, 2004

Group Members:

  • Charlie Bridenthal
  • Shelby Hoover
  • Mike Perigo
  • Debbie Powell
  • Darren Turner

MOB: Monitors on Buses Program

Statement of Problem: 

  • Number of school bus incidents continue to increase in spite of the installation of cameras
  • Safe School Legislation will require schools to identify and prevent bullying


Solution: MOB- Monitors On Buses program created

  • Designed to be the enforcement arm of the School Safety Specialist Training and Certification Program
    • Identifying, preventing, and intervening in bullying in school bus transportation
  • Monitors would volunteer their time and be a dedicated set of eyes to ensure enforcement
    • Bus drivers must maintain attention to driving conditions, other motorists, possible hazards, etc.
  • Volunteer program would pair up interested individuals with various bus routes ensuring safer transportation for Hancock County children

Group Members:

  • Michael Dale
  • Ken Davidson
  • Jodi Pruitt
  • Christine Rapp
  • Candy Short

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