Class of 2004-2005

Adopt A Grandparent Program

Problem Statement: 

  • Evaluate the diverse needs and beliefs of youth and the aging population
    • Implement a program that fosters collaboration within the community
  • Create an ongoing project to share activities between multiple assisted living facilities and school systems

Solution: “Adopt A Grandparent Program” initiated in Hancock County

  • Interested Organizations
    • Brandywine Rehabilitation Center
    • Pleasant View Lodge
    • Regency Place
    • Sugar Creek
    • West Minister Village North
    • Mt. Vernon School Corporation
    • Southern Hancock School Corporation
    • Eastern Hancock School Corporation
    • Greenfield Central School Corporation
  • Objectives
    • Companionship between students and residents
    • Reminisce – residents
    • Enlighten – students
  • Next Steps
    • Pilot- Mt. Vernon & Brandywine- Fall 2005
    • Additional research to include implementation at other facilities

Group Members:

  • Mark Brooks
  • Rachel Colclazier
  • Sally Lacy
  • Joni Roberts

Feed Hancock County

This group presented an idea to help keep the food pantry stocked year round.  A  “Late Night” TV program and newscast gave an inside look as to what is needed at the food pantry and their idea to gain funding, supplies and even staff for the food pantry.

Group Members:

  • Rita Mohr
  • Mimi McKee
  • Jane Gavin
  • Jeff Conley
  • Talene Welch

Hospital Art Project

Local scenes and scenery which visitors can identify with, made by local Artists and Photographers, displayed in the new wing of the hospital

Objectives of Project:

  • Provide Hancock Memorial Hospital a means by which to obtain artwork for their new wing.
    • Mainly to reflect a Hancock County theme and done by local artists
  • Provide high school youth in the area a chance to participate, as well as amateur and professional artists
  • To involve the elementary schools in providing artwork on tiles to display
  • To promote the arts in the community
  • To promote a sense of community by involving the community in this project

Action Plan:

  • Make contact with schools
  • Make contacts with local amateur and professional artists
  • Secure a place and time for the student art show
  • Decide on awards
  • Decide if the adult amateurs will have an art show or just donate pictures
  • Collect the artwork for the high school show
  • Grade school to complete tile project
  • Find things on which to display pictures
  • Provide the high schools with pictures of Hancock County to use for this project
  • Possibly advertise for participants in papers, etc.
  • Have the art shows, pick out pictures, give them to HMHHS
  • Meet once per month as needed to finish project


Group Members:

  • Tiffany Fisher
  • Bridget Foy
  • Linda Lane
  • Linda Rice
  • David Wildman

Recycle Hancock County

This group presented facts and information about recycling in Hancock County.  They created a cloth bag for recycling that may be purchased for $5.  The proceeds will be used to make new bags to spread the word about the importance of recycling.

Group Members:

  • Calvin Hendryx-Parker
  • Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker
  • Jeanette Goben
  • Georgia Reed
  • Janet Shannon

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