Class of 2005-2006

Basic School Bus Safety

This group created a DVD and brochures to help students learn basic school bus safety and expectations while riding the bus.

Group Members:

  • Robin Brunner
  • Duane Kamminga
  • Christina Smith
  • Anecea Woodrow
  • Tony Zurwell

Emergency Preparedness Project

This group developed a learning tool which will help educate county residence what they need to know to be prepared in case of a national disaster, local emergency or violent weather.

Group Members:

  • Mary Gibble
  • Dave Gray
  • Denise Hughey
  • Jeff Somers
  • Debbie Spangler

My Meds

This group identified at least one way that patients can accurately communicate personal health information to medical providers in an emergency situation.

The goal is to share a web-based record of patient medication for emergency situations to all citizens of Hancock County and find a vendor who can be the centralized location.

Group Members:

  • Linda Gellert
  • Teresa Bowlby
  • Wayne O’Connor
  • Angies Schepper
  • Eric Truitt

Remembering Our Past to Preserve Our Future

Many historical sites or other points of interest in Hancock County are not properly marked and are in danger of being neglected or forgotten entirely.

This is a documented journey of Leadership identifying historical sites in Hancock County.

Group Members:

  • Clint Addington
  • Donna McDaniel
  • Rhonda Peterson
  • Mary Lynn Stevens
  • Carrie Torres

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