Class of 2012-2013

Covered Show Arena -Hancock County 4-H

The Covered Arena project is working with the Hancock County 4-H Agricultural Association to research the economic impact of a multipurpose structure.  This structure would house a show ring, horse barn and provide a community center for the 4-H fairgrouns.  The team would identify methods of funding and who would be the driving force to complete this site.

Group Members:

  • Candy Trout
  • Lori Cooley
  • Kara Harrison
  • Mary Jane Smith

Nameless Creek Camp

Create a media blitz to bring awareness of the opportunities that Nameless Creek Camp offers for the public.  The marketing package will include an announcement for a planned event to showcase the camp.  The mailer will also include coupons that will offer discounts for rental and membership.

Group Members:

  • Susan Davis- Greenfield Banking Company
  • Jeff Delp- RICOH
  • Jamie Bell- NineStar Connect
  • Devon Brown- Personal Trainer

“Keeping Kids Safe” – Stop Arm Cameras on Buses

Investigate state law on enforcing the violation of a driver illegally passing a stopped school bus while the stop arm is deployed.  Offenders would be issued a ticket and the fees would fund external school bus cameras for school corporations.

Group Members:

  • Tandy Paarlberg- Elanco, Inc.
  • Troy Griesmeyer- Greenfield Banking Company
  • Leslie Melton
  • Tania Cruser-
  • Lori Cooley-Hancock Regional Hospital

Tangram – Reshaping the ideas of Disability

Assist Tangram, Inc. to create a partnership with local businesses to employ individuals with disabilities and military veterans.  A “lunch and learn” event was held to connect business leaders with Tangram associates for workplace inclusion and give practical ideas to navigate compliance issues.

Group Members:

  • Kelly Buzan- Alternatives, Inc
  • Josh Daugherty- PNC Bank
  • Polly Fox- New Palestine Chamber of Commerce/Edward Jones
  • Janet Strauch- Hancock Regional Hospital
  • Kyle Turpin- Hancock County Public Library

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