Class of 2015-2016

Class of 2016

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hancock County

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Hancock County is a youth development organization providing a positive environment that seeks to inspire and enable young people to realize their potential. As the organization’s Jim Andrews unit on Lincoln Street ages, the group was tasked with studying the potential for a new facility.

Group Members:

Bryan Miller
Dianna Hawkins
Samm Quinn
Jenna Gammon

Community Calendar

The group presented, in partnership with the Daily Reporter, a printed community calendar that featured local scenes and dozens of event entries from local organizations. The calendar came out in the spring of 2016, and the group also studied ways of renewing it every year..

Group Members:

Kari Sisk
Devon Marine
Shelley Swift

Riley Heritage Trail

The group designed a walking route throughout downtown Greenfield to visit historic sites. The project included proposed signage and a promotional plan.

Group Members:

Shira Dankner
Terri Gorden
Aaron Greenwalt
Valerie Angle

LINK fundraiser

LINK stands for Leaders in Navigating Knowledge, and the organization works to help adults attain educational goals. The group’s assignment: develop a fund-raiser to help the group raise its profile and bring in revenue for its programs.

Group Members:

Beau Michaud
Megan Addison
Kristine Gilbertson
Yvette Dixon