Getting to know you: Class bonds during 2-day retreat

Staci Starcher interviews Alex Bush as part of the introductory exercise on Day 1 of the retreat.
Maria Bond (left) and Adam Wilhelm listen to Bobby Campbell, past president and member of the LHC board.
Maria Bond (left) and Adam Wilhelm listen to Bobby Campbell, past president and member of the LHC board.

The Class of 2017-18 got off to a strong start during its retreat, getting insights about their management styles, studying leadership challenges and engaging in fun — if a bit curious — exercises.

From the first moments of the retreat, which was held Sept. 14-15 at the Hancock County Public Library, the focus was on making new connections. Board members Donnie Munden, Justine Jones, Bobby Campbell and Brad Burkhart offered insights on what the class can expect and tips on getting the most out of their experience.

Then, the class members broke up into groups of two to interview and then introduce each other to the rest of the class. After an in-depth presentation on the class members’ leadership styles using the DiSC assessment, the class spent the rest of Day 1 on their Scavenger Hunt, a longtime fixture of LHC that pits groups of four class members against each other as they travel throughout the county looking for clues and gathering materials listed on a manifest. Class members were encouraged to post pictures on social media along the way. (You can view some of those photos as part of the slide show at the top of the page.)

The class ended the first day of the retreat with a dinner at Griggsby’s Station in downtown Greenfield.

The second day featured thoughtful presentations from Ed Freije, appearing for the 23rd time before a Leadership class; and Barb Roark, assistant director of the Hancock County Public Library.

Ed Freije, retired principal at New Palestine High School, used his years as a school administrator to present a scenario on consensus building: How to build agreement on school expansion.

Freije’s workshop focused on consensus building, and he walked the class through a scenario as he introduced tools they can use to forge replica patek phillipe consensus on contentious issues.

Roark talked about problem solving, using past class projects as object lessons to guide the class through discussion of techniques to solve problems.

A common thread running through both Day 2 presentations is that hard decisions should not be made in a vaccum: Indeed, the more voices that are heard in an organization, the more solid the decisions.

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